Sifu Kelley

"To achieve our best performance, neuroscience clearly shows that mind and body are trained as one."


Natural Power and Grace Podcast

Train body, mind and spirit to more comfortable and at ease. Get more training online at Sifu On Demand or in person at the Urban Retreat Center. Disclaimer: This podcast is for entertainment and educational purposes only, any physical activities presented are undertaken at the viewer's sole risk. All content is copyright protected, all rights reserved.

Inner Door Standing Post

Have you invested time and energy in your Internal practice? Are you satisfied with your understanding and skill? Inner door training methods are very difficult, but produce great results. Are you willing to settle for good enough? Join Sifu On Demand and learn my Tai Chi Breath and classic Universal Post standing meditation. In the lesson I show how, when used together, consistent practice will develop a calm mind and prepare your body to naturally produce effortless power.

Inner Door Fajin

What is fajin? What is Inner Door Tai Chi training? Watch this Q and A with Sifu Kelley Graham as he shares his thoughts on the generation and application of jin. Jin is refined force or energy. Developing awareness that results in this skill is counterintuitive and requires very specific training methods. Sifu Kelley shows a simple body conditioning method to begin to understand the internal feel that supports fajin.